Hey there mouseketeers!  I apologize for my absence.  I actually took a computer and camera and everything to Disneyworld, intending to blog a bit about the trip, but ended up being so plum worn out at the end of each day that I couldn't even think of it.

It was a magical and slightly overwhelming place!  We spent a whole day in each of the four parks (the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) and I still felt like there was a lot that we missed.  And also, if you were not aware, Florida is sunny and hot!  But it was good to spend some time with the family and, of course, hobnob with Mickey and the gang.  (We also scaled the walls of Hogwarts, but the details of that will be revealed tomorrow!)

Some highlights....

Most of the gang in front of Cinderella's Castle.

Cheesy, yes?  But I never ceased to be delighted at the Mickey shaped food!  There were waffles and ice cream pops and pasta...anything you could imagine, all with mouse ears!

The fireworks over Cinderella's castle--as you can imagine, Disney is big on fireworks.  I think some nights there are up to three shows going on at once. 

The Electric Light Parade--I remember seeing this in Disneyland as a little girl with Nice Dad, so it tickled me to no end that it still goes on every night.

Sweet Husband and Sweet Sister in front of "Spaceship Earth".  It was so weird to see the big dome in person.

Sweet Sister and I in front of "Buckingham Palace" in Epcot's World Showcase.  I have to confess, I was a little disappointed in the showcase.  All the buildings were neat, but, on the whole, it was mostly just a lot of places to shop.  (Although, they did have Pocky in the Japanese showcase, so that makes up for a lot.)

The greenhouse tour at Epcot.  (Yes, I had to go see the gardens!)  While it was certainly more of what I call "garden porn" than anything (i.e. really cool stuff that you really can't do at home), it was still pretty darned cool.  And, yes, those are Brussels sprouts dangling from the ceiling.

Sweet Sister with Jasmine and Aladdin--between Sweet Sister and Cutie Niece we did a lot of princess hunting!

Eating with Sweet Sister and Nice In-Laws at the Sci-Fi Diner.  Yes, we ate in a car--with a carhop and funny old movies and everything.

IMG_2045Sweet Sister being flirted with by Donald at Chef Mickey's.  How could he help himself?  She's gorgeous!