Chicken (and Duck) Salad

The heat index is something like 105 today.  I'm trying to shut up my inner whiner and enjoy it, but [insert whiny voice]'s hoooooot!

Because it's hot--and because I was eating dinner solo--I decided to whip up a big, crispy salad rather than anything that required turning on the oven.  And since I was chopping up veggies and fruit anyway, I decided that the foul family members needed a cool dinner too.

When the chicks and ducks were little, they had very little interest in kitchen scrap food.  They would play with it a bit, but they didn't care much about eating it.  For awhile, I thought I had done something wrong in their upbringing--not exposed them to strawberries at the right time, etc.--but lately they've started to come around, particularly to anything that involves greens.

This little salad had lettuce, blueberries, cherries, plum, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and cucumbers.  (Mine had pickled okra and salad dressing in addition, but I wasn't sure if those would agree with poultry digestive tracts.)  The flock was duly impressed....

[Tori the Brave checks the salad over to make sure it's up to snuff and not dangerous.]

[Norah samples a cherry.]

[The ducks get in on the salad action.]  

Have I mentioned that I can spend hours just watching these girls at their antics?  From my lawn chair in the shade, of course!