Comings and Growings

IMG_2177These past few weekends have been partially devoted to building Garden Fence 2.0.  My little stick fence was fun, but not functional in one important respect--keeping the ducks from destroying the garden.  So far this one seems to be keeping the little buggers out of the cucumbers.

IMG_2156Which is a good thing, because I scored the garden bargain of the year at the end of last week--all that could be fit into a box for a dollar.  Three dollars replenished the duck-nibbled watermelon and cucs, and bought about thirty tomato plants to boot.  I'm interested to see how they go, being a bit late, but even if we only get a handful of tomatoes I'll count it a success.


I also pulled up about a third of our garlic this weekend--27 bulbs so far, hanging in the shed to dry.  From the look of the rest, I think it should be ready in a few weeks, but the bulbs I dug up today were falling over already, so they had to come out.

And last, but not least, a few of the first pickings--some raspberries, a banana pepper, and three wee cloves of garlic that I broke off while digging them up.  A nice excuse to eat them right away!