Ella the Duck Learns Something New


See that duck on the far left there?  That is Miss Ella Fitzgerald and--although very sweet tempered and endearing--she is a bit slower than her sisters.

For several weeks now, going out to put the chick and ducks to bed would have merely involved closing the door--everyone else goes in the coop automatically at night now--but for Sweet Ella.  Ella could not walk up the ramp into the coop, so instead of going to bed with her sisters, she would sit outside alone and often distraught.  Sweet Husband (who takes the ducky night shift, in exchange for me handling the mornings) would have to pick her up and lift her inside.

Until last week.  Determined that Ella should not be "left behind", Sweet Husband slowly started making her walk up just a little bit of the ramp each night.  Then one night she did it all by herself!  Yay Ella!