The 26-Hour Baby Shrug


I have a thing where I have to knit stuff for babies.  I do limit it to people I know--well, sort-of, I guess--but, really pretty much all friends who have babies end up with something knitted, whether they want it or not!

But last summer, I somehow missed my Nice Boss's little lady, who did not receive a Meryl-knitted item to welcome her into the world.

Actually, in my defense, I did make her a sweater.  It was the one that got ruined with the rusty blocking pins, remember?  I kept meaning to remake it, but somehow--press-of-work, end-of-summer lethargy--it just never got done.  And, silly as it seems, it's been rankling me a little bit.  Like all was not right with the world somehow.

So, I decided that first birthday presents are just as good as birth presents, and set out to make this little shrug.

Now, I knew this would go pretty quickly.  It's not very big after all, and cotton is reasonably chunky.  But I never imagined just how quickly.  Like, as in, I cast-on at nine at night on a Monday and was casting-off by eleven the next night.  Granted there was a car ride in there, but there was also an oral argument and the ensuing prep, which does cut into the knitting time.  All in all, I'd say it was, maybe, eight hours of actual knitting...maybe? 

It makes me sad that I put it off for so long.  If I had know making the world right again could be done so quickly I would have done it much sooner!