Growing Something New

4654226839_1da65b7cf3_bAnd not a tomato....we're growing a tiny human!

The Peapod--as he or she shall be known in utero, at least--is set to arrive sometime near the end of January.  So far, everything is well.

The day we found out was very exciting, of course, but then there was a definite moment where Sweet Husband and I looked at each other and both were thinking, "What the hell do we do now?"  

So, after a brief celebration at our favorite dinner spot, I started knitting--cause let's face it, this kid will not lack for knitted goods!  Completely frivolous knitting--teensy booties out of pure angora--but aren't they sweet? 

And then I got on a jag and knitted this too:

Only slightly more practical,!

....And then I was puny and sleepy for a month, and did not do much of anything useful.  But thankfully, I've been feeling better lately, and hearing the small one's heartbeat--which we did for the first time this afternoon--was most helpful.