Can We Chat About This Strawberry Salad Again?

[Brief digression:  Thanks so much for all the wonderful thoughts yesterday!  It's so nice to feel all the good wishes comin' in from all over--yay!  And now on to some yummy salad!]

A few months ago, I briefly mentioned that we'd served this guy up for a dinner party.  But it really deserves a little more fanfare than that.

It's official name (courtesy of Jamie Oliver) is Strawberry Salad with Speck and Halloumi.  We actually haven't been able to find halloumi cheese locally, so we use something called "bread cheese".  (You could really substitute just about any mildly flavored cheese and get the same idea though.)  Also, you must have sweet strawberries.  The ones in this particular salad were about a day from going bad, which made them perfect.  

Other than briefly frying the cheese to give it a crunchy exterior, this is no-heat-throw-it-together-in-five-minutes food.  We often just mix it up together on one big plate, scoot together 'round the table, and tuck into it.