I'll Just Be Here Knitting

Believe it or not, sometimes I know myself.  And I've known, pretty much since I learned to knit, that the second I knew we were having a small one, I would go into a manic knitting frenzy.  

I don't think it's all that unreasonable.  After all, the kid has to have clothing, right?  Particularly with a January/February baby--the little bugger could freeze to death without the proper sweaters, caps, and booties--this is not a joking matter!  

And--because I sometimes know myself--I have actually prepared a bit over the years.  I've tucked away a bonnet here, made a little sweater there, so as not to have to fit all of my knitting into just nine months.  But even with my little stash as a bulwark against child neglect charges--between myself and the steady stream of friends and family who have gotten themselves "in a family way" these days--I'm still going a little crazy on the knitting.  To knit, of course, one must have yarn and....


....well, I could keep dancing around this and trying to sound better all day, but the upshot is I bought a lot of yarn last week!  (That post about having enough?  Sometimes I don't know myself very well.) 

Despite the haphazard-looking-ness of this pile, I'm actually pretty well organized.  Thanks to the awesomeness that is Ravelry, I know, for example, that there are 36 different kinds of yarn in my stash and that 23 of them actually have projects to go with.  Further, I've started a scrap blanket for those wee leftover bits that are too small to put to another good purpose.

Whether or not 23 projects will get done in the next six months (or even in the next two years) is perhaps a question better left unasked.