My Tomatoes Have Maturity Issues


I'm a bit worried about the tomato crop this year.  Here it is--July 20th--and this little roma is the first respectable tomato our garden has produced.

The plants look fine--a few wilty leaves here and there, but nothing that screams "disease".  And they're falling over with tomatoes.  But they're all green, green, green.

The only thing that's keeping me from scouring Rodale's and the internet for a diagnosis is the fact that everyone around me seems to be experiencing the same thing.  Friends who garden are just getting their first little cherry tomatoes, and judging from the state of the farmer's market the pro's aren't doing much better.

On the upside, I discovered the first squash bug eggs on the pumpkins this afternoon.  I jumped up and down on them until all that was left was goo, which was very satisfying.

Also, Sweet Husband found four pounds of cucumbers hiding in the cuke vines yesterday afternoon when he was mowing.  These were quickly transformed into seven pints of pickles--very good for nibbling on while contemplating how to help my tomatoes grow up.