Team Mommy is Kind of Awesome

I'm trying to buck up and be a good soldier, but I've been so tired lately.  Like, can't form a coherent sentence at certain times of day tired.  (And--small rant--if anyone else says, "Just wait 'till that baby comes--then you'll really be tired!" I might cry on purpose just to make them feel properly ashamed of themselves.  It may be true, but it's not kind.)

However, one very nice thing about being pregnant is that, other mommies?  Well, they're kind of awesome.

Like Nice Cousin who mailed me a huge box of maternity clothes today.  I am working really hard to figure out what "stuff" we really need for the baby and what we can do without.  My little frugal, green soul just completely rankles at buying gizmos and gadgets that we'll only use for a month and then toss in the landfill.  

Same goes with maternity clothes.  It feels like my size is changing weekly, so it's hard to anticipate what to buy without being wasteful.  But woman cannot live in stretchy skirts alone, and--even using the rubber band trick--my jeans are a bit uncomfortable these days.  It was such a nice treat to come home to a box of cute pants (with stretchy waistbands--hallelujah!) and dresses and shirts and such--all used twice over already, as I understand it, so no guilt there.

And, while Nice Cousin's pass alongs have been the most immediately useful, there have been tons of other people offering baby gear too.  A stroller from Nice Sister-In-Law, some baby clothes from, oh, too many offers to keep track of even....

And that's not even getting into the words of wisdom.  Nice Co-Worker's Wife--who is both local and close to my level of earthy-crunchiness--put together the greatest list of tips about local classes that are good (pre-natal yoga?  I think yes!), baby stuff they loved, things they hated or didn't need, books that were useful....

Basically, it feels like those Verizon commercials, only ten times more handy--a huge network of ladies that all have my back.  Even through my sleepy haze, that is awesome indeed!