Notes at the Start of the Third Trimester


On our girl....

Little Miss is a night owl.  She kicks a little during the day, but she only really gets going at about 10:30 in the p.m.  And heaven help me if I wake up (let's say to pee for the 100th time) in the middle of the night.  Apparently 3 a.m. is party time in womb world.

But she does not care for cold water.  If I'm interpreting her sharp kicks correctly, it downright pisses her off, in fact.  Which is unfortunate, because, with as hot as it's been I've been shooting back gallons of it.  Y'all think you're tough for doing one little ice bucket challenge, Little Miss isn't even born yet and she's doing, like, ten a day!

On big brother....

We've read some books and talked enough that the Kid has a fuzzy idea of what's about to happen, but he's still confused about many of the particulars.  When he was sick a few weeks ago, he kept telling us that his tummy was upset because his baby ("Jack") was kicking him.  He also keeps asking when the baby is going to "fall out", which always makes me smile.  (If only!)

He does get a little tired of people asking him if he's excited.  He's polite about it--"Yes, I'm having a sister and her name is going to be Bette"--but I can tell he'd rather talk trains.

We were originally at least open to the idea of having him present for the birth, but the further along we get, the more I think he's just too young.  I'm afraid he would be scared, and I know it will be hard for Sweet Husband or I to reassure him very well given the task that will be at hand.

On the papa....

As the daddies often do, Sweet Husband has been taking care of the pregnant lady's honey-do's.  We aren't having any kind of a nursery this time--not even a crib, at first--so it's been more "Can you fix the loose knob on the china cabinet, please?" sort of stuff.  (If it doesn't get done now, experience teaches that it might be a year or two, so.)  

Also, the laundry and the cleaning up dog vomit and the going out to buy brownie mix.  

(Let's take a moment of thanks for the dads right now.)

On top of that, Sweet Husband has also been doing a running streak.  (For the unfamiliar, that's where you run at least one mile every day.)  He's at day 50, give or take, and I keep telling him he should keep it going until the baby is born.  I'm proud of him--that's a lot of getting up early, y'all--but I'll confess, I have ulterior motives, too.  I want him in fighting shape to help motivate me when I'm ready to start running again in January or February.

On the mama....

With the help of my new BFF the chiropractor, my back pain has been much lessened and I'm feeling pretty darned good.  I've been making an effort to say no to things and pamper myself a little, so I'm sure that doesn't hurt.  

Although, what qualifies as pampering has taken on some strange dimensions.

Example: one of my new habits is taking almost religious care of my teeth.  I was always decent about that before--so please don't get grossed out--but I had to get a little fanatical earlier this summer because my gums were so swollen.  Once I started doing the full, timed brush-floss-mouth rinse routine a few times a day, though, I started to realize how good it actually feels.  The Kid and I now have to fight over the handy little flossers his grandpa/dentist sent home with us after our last visit.

In news of the less weird, hello nesting!  

Some of it has been the treat-y, cupcake-y kind that involves putting tiny clothes on tiny hangers in the closet and basking in the glow of their adorableness.

But most of it has been the kind that involves writing.  I made a big master to-do list of stuff that needs to be done before the baby is born the other day, and I've been attacking it vehemently.  I can't tell you how I'm looking forward to spending the holidays in a new baby/maternity leave cocoon.  As I indicated the other day, it's been harder to really clear that space this time around, but I'm keeping my eyes on the prize and, ok, kinda waddling, through.