The Garlic Harvest

From four bulbs of garlic planted way back in October, we got something close to fifty new bulbs this year.

I think that's sort of a miracle.  Particularly, when you consider that other than putting them in the ground in October and taking them out in early July, I didn't have to lift a finger to keep them alive.  

I kid you not, I didn't even water them.

After digging them up, I let them cure hanging in my shed for most of July.  Then I sat outside for twenty minutes the other day with a glass of iced plum tea and cleaned them up a bit--nipping off the roots and gently brushing off any dirt that was still clinging.  Now they're waiting in the basement, ready to be used as needed.  From my experience, they'll keep just fine into the Spring.

Have I mentioned (a time or two or twenty) how much I love growing things that are this easy?