Why I *Heart* Church Rummage Sales (Part 1)

Because you can get your heart's content for $5.  Or at least get close.

About two seconds before everyone was to sit down at the last little dinner party we had, I realized that--even after pulling out the red Christmas set--we did not quite have enough napkins for all.  Having forgone paper to the point that we don't even have any leftover paper napkins in the house, I conspired with Best Friend who was helping in the kitchen.

    "How many napkins do you have?" he asked, helpfully.

    "Enough for all but two."  I counted.

    "Well, that's you and Sweet Husband who will have to eat neatly tonight!"

And we did, and it was fine, of course.  But the situation made me hearken back to an idea I'd seen on Soulemama a few months before--all white napkins

Sounds pretentious, maybe, but it's actually brilliant.  White bleaches, and it generally matches itself. You can have a whole set of mismatchy white napkins, but they still go together.  

And, as I wasn't aware of before but am now, you can get white napkins super cheaply at rummage sales.  I got 32 pretty, vintage-y looking things for $4.

They were a little aged at first, but after a good soak in hot water and oxygen bleach, only 7 of them still have a few little yellowed spots.  The other 25 are bright white and ready to go!

And where did that other dollar go, you ask?  You'll see tomorrow!