Why I *Heart* Church Rummage Sales (Part 2)

The last dollar of my five, went to purchase several picture frames.

I'm indecisive, and rather than deny that particular character flaw, I try to work with it.  As such, almost every bit of artwork and photography in our house is purposely framed and put on the wall in such a way as to be easily changeable.  Our family photos are all in standard sized black frames--so easy to swap out whenever new ones are taken.  Our fun snapshots are similarly all in the same size frames and displayed so as to be completely interchangeable.

Where I get into trouble is with all the cute little prints and photos that I find on etsy.  They're all different sizes, you see.  And if I buy a frame for one then I feel stuck with it forever and ever.

Additionally, quite awhile ago, I saw this photo of empty frames and wanted to do something sort of similar, but I just couldn't quite visualize how exactly I wanted to put it together.

Enter a dollar's worth of picture frames at the church rummage sale, a can of black spray paint, a few nails, and some ticky-tacky.

The frames had seen better days, but a can of black spray paint (sweetly wielded by the non-pregnant one) fixed that.  There are two small nails in the upper corner of each frame holding it up, with a little ticky-tacky on the back to make it extra secure.  The pictures--which have been sitting in a drawer waiting for me to find a place for them for a tragically long time--are also stuck to the walls with ticky-tacky.

Seriously, $5=happy me!