Now This Is Better

Now we're cooking with bacon tomatoes!  Still not a flood--considering that we have about a million plants out there--but my bargain toms that got planted late are starting to come on now, so it shouldn't  be long.   

Also, while I hesitate to say this too loudly, I think we may have defeated the squash bugs this year.  I went out hunting this evening and couldn't find a single egg or bug.  Which is fabulous because, not only do we have a nice pumpkin ripening in the sun, we have a few baby watermelons too.  (Watermelons were the only plant Sweet Husband requested from the garden this year, so I do hope they turn out.) 

And taking advantage of the (blessedly) cooler temperatures--you know, like 85 instead of 105--I planted some Fall veggies tonight.  Some kale and chard and beets and carrots and radishes.  While I'm excited for the kale to come, more immediately speaking it felt good to weed and clean up a few patches in the garden.  Things are looking a bit wild out there these days, so it's nice to have a little neatness for contrast.