A Whole Lot A Makin' Goin' On

Spent Saturday making a mess of the dining room...and the dog.  (One of Porter's special gifts is her ability to find the most in-the-way spot possible and fall into a coma-like sleep there.  Here, you can see she was right in the place where all the sewing scraps were getting brushed off the table.)  

Even for us people-of-limited-patience-and-sewing-skills, there are so many adorable websites and books out there for making some of your own baby clothes and gear.  I confess, I've been sucked in, but it's all so cute and fun.  Some favorites so far?

Since getting out the sewing machine and all the accoutrements is a bit of an ordeal, I decided to just tackle everything I could in one go.  We (Porter and I) made pants and decorated onsies and made all kinds of useful bits....which I'm going to post about in stages over the next few days so as to not overwhelm--stay tuned!