A Lotta Lotta

The patterns for this trio came from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby.  

I'll actually be surprised if I don't make every pattern in this book before it's all said and done.  Some of the projects are right on the edge of my sewing comfort level (the little baby-burrito-bundler you see below, for example), so I'm learning.  But there are plenty of projects that are stupid-easy (the fleece hat and the nursing pillow).  And, although there's a sprinkle of just-for-cute, most of the projects in the book seem pretty practical.

Exhibit A:  Lotta calls is a Snuggler, but it will forever be the baby-burrito-bundler at our house.  Say it five times fast, I dare you.


Exhibit B:  A warm fleece-y hat.  

I believe this is the sixth or seventh hat to be slipped into the "for baby" drawer.  (Not counting half a dozen soft, cotton-y ones, which you will see tomorrow.)  They're just so easy to make, it's hard to find an excuse not to.

But no matter, either our kiddo will be the most well-hatted child in the world, or all of the other small fry we know will benefit from the surplus.

Exhibit C:  A nursing pillow.  

It's a pillow.  If you can tie your shoes, you can make this.  Further, the Google tells me that nursing pillows such as this one cost $30-$40.  The fabric in this was $8, and the stuffing a little less--call it $15 all together.  And it's not a ghastly pastel color or "baby" print, which--superficial little soul that I can be sometimes--I probably would have paid extra for if I'd had to buy one.