Big Butt Baby Pants

Sewing3There are only so many times in your life that you can get away with wearing a garment that is designed to make your butt look big.  I don't know how long the window is (3 years? 5 years?), but it's very small.  And I think the Peapod should get to take full advantage of it.  Hence, the Big Butt Baby Pants.

(Digression: I was at the Gap the other day when I saw the first sweater dress of the year. I love the idea of sweater dresses, but their lack of structure tends to make me look pregnant.  I was gazing at the dress longingly when the light bulb clicked on....wait a second, I am pregnant!  While that particular sweater dress was not for me, I'm officially on the hunt.  I will buy a sweater dress this year and I will wear the hell out of it! But anyway....)

IMG_2534The first pair of these was a little bit fiddly, and I'm not sure I ever got the bit right where the butt panel and the crotch intersect.  However, once I got into the rhythm, they were...maybe a half an hour each from start to finish?  Not as easy as regular pants (which, to be honest, I'll probably stick to in the future), but not much harder.


And the little contrasting butt panels are pretty cute.  A fitting "end" to my flurry of making-things!