A Wheel Of My Own

Sweet Husband scored major brownie points this weekend.  Like, a year's worth.  Here's how it happened.

Having nothing else we wanted to do on Saturday afternoon, we decided to drive over to the River Market Antique Mall and have a looksie.  The place is pretty awesome in and of itself--four floors of curiosities, all fairly well-priced.  We had already had awesome luck finding a few little goodies (more about those later this week), and were on the third floor when Sweet Husband said, "Hey did you see that spinning wheel down stairs?"


    "Yeah, there's a spinning wheel.  I think it was, like, fifty bucks."

If you will remember, I took a spinning class about a year ago and loved it.  But after trying several wheels in class, the two I liked (the Traditional Ashford or the Ashford Traveller) were sadly out of the budget.  Although I'd been keeping an eye out for a used wheel on Ebay, I had just about decided it wasn't meant to be.

So, trying not to get my hopes up--because I was sure that something had to be wrong with it for that price--I frog-marched Sweet Husband back to the second floor where, with just a little hunting, we found it.


A pretty little Traveller, who knows how old.  (It has a single treadle, which I've discovered they don't make anymore, and l-shaped flyer-hooks, which are also, apparently, quite out-of-date.)  Although with my limited experience I couldn't say for sure, it looked like everything was in working order...or, at least, working enough that it wouldn't take much to get it back into ship-shape.  I may have done a little dance right there amidst the antique furniture!

A quick trip to my local yarn store Sunday afternoon confirmed that this was indeed a steal.  There's a slight problem with the knob that adjusts the brake tension (some fool varnished it in place), but a) it looks like it might be possible to get it out with a bit of work, or b) if not, the nice lady who looked it over for me showed me how to do makeshift adjustments.  Otherwise, a little oil in the joints and it's ready to start making yarn!