The Rest of the Loot

Even before Sweet Husband found the spinning wheel, we were having an awesome day at the River Market Antique Mall.


I have been looking for a copy of this game forever.  It's a card game we used to play at my grandmother's when I was little.  The idea is that everyone is going on a trip.  You play "mileage" cards to progress along your way, but you can stop other people from traveling by playing things like "out of gas" or "punctured tire".  (It's a little like Uno, but not quite.)  

It was one of those totally cool serendipitous things where I just happened to look down and there it was sitting on top of an old metal trunk.  Meant to be, I tell you.

Sweet Husband's big score was a couple of razors.  Last Christmas I bought him a double-edged razor (like the one above to the right) and a shaving kit to go with.  He loves it, and I've actually been converted too.  

So converted, in fact, that I steal his razor when he's not looking.  (Seriously ladies, it takes a few days to get the hang of it without nicking yourself, but your legs will be smooth for days!)  Not being particularly crazy about having to hunt down his razor all the time, he's been looking for one for me for a bit now.  As these razors last forever, an older one is just as good as a new.  After this guy is properly sterilized I expect to never have to buy another crappy disposable razor for the rest of my life.

The straight razor--on the bottom--is actually for Sweet Husband.  He's been wanting one to experiment with.  (They scare me a little, but it's not my face at risk, so....) 


And a couple of Dr. Seuss books for the kiddo rounded out the lot!