Five Strollers [How did I get here, again?]


At first, we weren't even going to have a stroller.  We had a few carriers and a wrap, and we'd make do with those, thank-you-very-much.  But my Nice Sister-In-Law had a collapsible stroller she was just giving away, so it seemed silly not to take it.  (It's the older version of this one.)  

But umbrella strollers don't really work well before your child can sit up.  Plus, the sidewalks in our neighborhood are bumpy as all-hell.  And all those wraps and carriers?  Were great as long as the weather was good, but got too hot very quickly in our muggy Kansas weather, especially when combined with a diaper bag full of stuff.  

Enter our faithful Schwinn.


A godsend for both running and walks around the neighborhood, this baby has easily seen over a thousand miles.  But it didn't fit in the back of the car very well.

No matter!  Once the Kid could sit up, we used the collapsible stroller for car trips and the Schwinn for trips from the house.  

Two strollers.  More than I thought we'd ever have, but somehow it didn't seem so bad because we used both of them all the time.

But then...


...sometime last summer, a co-worker with two wee urchins of his own asked if we wanted their double, collapsible stroller.  Again, it was free to a good home, so it seemed silly to say no.  Again, it's completely useless until Little Miss can sit up on her own, but--once she can--I expect it will live in the back of the car.

But that doesn't solve the problems of...


...1) what to do until Little Miss can sit up, 2) our bumpy sidewalks, and 3) running with two.  Knowing how much we used our Schwinn, to solve these problems I went all-out and got a double BOB (henceforth, "the Behemoth").  

Despite the fact that it's monstrously large, it's a dream to push around.  I checked in with several running moms before I bought it because I was concerned that it would be too heavy.  They all assured me it would not be, and they were all correct.  Seriously, I love it.

Except, it doesn't just not fit well in the back of our car, it doesn't fit at all.  And it's a bit of a beast to take out when you've only got one child, which has dissuaded me from taking as many walks with Little Miss as I would like.  (The car seat bucket is too heavy to cart around, and I still don't like to go for long trips with just a wrap or carrier.)

"But what about the Schwinn?" you may be asking.

Our poor Schwinn is so dilapidated that the tray falls off with the slightest push.  Since the tray is part of what the car seat bucket is meant to rest on in the infant stage, it's just not safe for Little Miss.



...stroller number five arrived today.  

The Schwinn will shortly be on the curb, and--this being a thrifty town--I'm sure someone with an older kid will get even more use out of it.  

Experience shows we will use the heck out of the four strollers that will remain--and two of them were second-hand to begin with--so I don't feel too badly about the "stuff" aspect, it's more about the way my ideals have given way to reality.  Granted the person I am now moves a lot more than the person I was then, but still--how did I become a person who needs four (five?) strollers?  It's blowing my mind a bit this evening.