We Have Eggs!

A day that shall live for eternity in the annals of Hacienda del Hosta history....today, at 23 weeks old, my chickens became little women....today, my chickens have laid eggs!


Well, two of them did.  We think.  

This morning we were out doing yard work when I spotted the first one.  It was laying in the dusty part of the yard that the girls like to hang out in during the middle of the day when it's hot.  A brown, speckled egg, with black and white feathers attached--it has to be Ingrid's.  

An investigation of the nest box revealed another egg, the exact same size, but lighter brown and without the speckles.  My bet on that one is Tori for four reasons: 

  • It was the same size as Ingrid's--making it more likely to be a chicken egg.  
  • It was light brown--Alanis is an "Easter Egger", so hers should be blue or green or pink.  
  • Alanis is still kind of wiry and lithe-looking compared to Ingrid and Tori's fuller figures.  
  • Also--and I know this is totally crazy--of all the poultry, Tori is the most sensible.  It would be like her to figure out to use the nest box from the get-go.

We were gone over the weekend, so those two could have been laid anytime Saturday or Sunday or even early this morning.

Then this evening, Sweet Husband went out to put the girls away and found another dark, speckled egg in the same place as the last one.  Ingrid strikes again!

So, we're up to three eggs, probably two from Ingrid and one from Tori.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out if I should keep track of number of eggs by chicken (based on my guesses and conjecture) or just keep a number for the entire flock?  And should we weigh them too?  Or just count them?  (Have I ever mentioned that I'm sort of a whore for record keeping and spreadsheets and the like?)

Eh, maybe I'll go make an omelette while I think about it....