An Atypical Harvest Lunch

The pumpkin is no more.  The squash bugs--who multiplied beyond reckoning in just one week of "I'm hot and lazy and pregnant" neglect--were setting up permanent colonies on it's surface.  Just looking at them gave me the willies.  

Say, did you know that one blast from a weed burner will barbecue squash bugs instantaneously?  I imagine it's something like an atomic bomb--a death so fast there's not even half a second to think of pain.  Which is much more merciful than they were to my pumpkin.

But, although the pumpkin was rendered inedible, I found a less conventional harvest food tucked away in a back corner of the garden this weekend--several handfuls of edamame.

A few minutes in the steamer, a sprinkle of salt...a perfectly lovely September lunch!