We've made it to melons!

I can't remember how old my kid is.  Truly, about every other day someone asks me "So, how many weeks are you?"  And I'm like, "Uhhh...a little over four months...so that's ummm...." as I frantically count fingers.  There's something about trying to keep track of it that way that refuses to interface with my brain.

But at almost any second since the stick turned blue I could tell you exactly what fruit-stage we were at.

No, I'm not losing it.  At all the various pregnant-people websites you can find charts for "How Big is Baby?" that compare the size of the baby to different fruits and vegetables.  I've been primarily using this one, although I check this one every once in awhile too.  

The other day we were at the turnip stage when we passed a basket of them at the grocery store.  I held a turnip up to Sweet Husband, "Look, honey, it's just like the baby!"  Which made Sweet Husband amusedly roll his eyes and a random passer-by laugh.

Somewhere along the way, I divided it all up into several stages in my head--first there were seeds (poppy seed, apple seed), then we got to berries (blueberries, raspberries), then citrus (limes, lemons, oranges)...but this week, we've officially hit the big one--melons.  A cantaloupe to be exact.

Except that cantaloupes aren't in season, but acorn squashes are of similar size and shape...and either way, it means we're at 20 weeks, which means this kid is half-way done.  

Alas, I'm starting to feel a little like a melon, or a squash, or something, although not nearly so much as I will before it's all over with, I'm afraid.  There's a definite feeling akin to watching fruit ripen.  I noticed for the first time the other day that my formerly devoutly innie belly button is not quite so deeply innie as it once was.  (It's kind of fascinating to be able to see inside all the wrinkles, actually.) 

Or perhaps I'm just making popcorn in there.

Several people have told me that the first time they felt their baby move it felt like "butterflies".  I have been feeling something for a few weeks now, but it was more like little "thwaps" or "pops" than "flutters".  The other day I was reading an article about it, and the author described the feeling as "like popcorn popping".  "Phew!" I thought, "I'm really glad that's the kid and not snack food."