Perfect Apples

It's barely the middle of September, and can you believe we've been to the apple orchard twice already?  The proprietor (who was one of Sweet Husband's professors in school and thus recognizes us each year) laughed as he saw us walk up and exclaimed, "I haven't even sent out my flyers yet!

I used to think an apple is an apple is an apple, but these are, like, magic apples.  Or addictive crack apples.  Or just the most perfect apple I've ever eaten--sweet, tart, firm, fragrant.

And in addition to eating them straight up, I'm determined to save some.  To that end, I've been making apple chips (in the dehydrator) and applesauce.  I'm also thinking about some apple pie filling, but that may have to wait until the next trip to the orchard--there's a tub of caramel in the fridge that I would hate to deprive of the pleasure of meeting these perfect apples!