It's Not a Golden Retriever

Sweet Husband's little joke.  As in:

    Random Friend: What are you hoping for?

    Sweet Husband: Well, a Beagle would be ok, but what we really want is a Golden Retriever.

But, all kidding aside, after a whole lot of this by both me and the kiddo....  (Don't tell a woman who's five months pregnant to come in with a full bladder and then make her wait an hour!)

Scan 1
....we finally got a shot of this.

Scan 2
Looks like a speck of dirt to me, but the ultrasound tech seemed pretty sure that it was "boy parts". 

We weren't really doing much boy/girl hoping either way, to tell the truth.  I could see the advantages of both, and Sweet Husband (about the most un-gender biased person I know) wouldn't have treated either much differently in the first place.  

But--while this does lessen my scope of knitting a bit--I've always imagined a boy just "fitting" with us a little better.  Not that any daughter o'mine would be a priss, but between the terrier and the chickens and all the other bits of mud and mess swirling around our just seems to make sense.

And, in the way that these things often go, we have a pretty solid boy's name--still up for negotiation, but one we both like.  The girl names were really up in the air still (for posterity's sake, Hermione and Lucy were the front runners), so that takes care of that, all in a neat little bow-tie.  

(Squee!  Little bow-ties!  I hadn't thought of that 'till just now...I wonder how old the kid has to be before they're not a choking hazard?  Must ask the Google!)