Knitting Progressing

Sweet Husband arrived home the other night to me furiously knitting as the dogs looked on.  "I just need to finish something--I haven't finished anything in forever,"  I tried to explain.

That's not a completely true statement.  I actually did finish this hat a few weeks ago:

4952804756_bb9e123ca8_b(Pattern and yarn info.)  And I have another hat just almost done, but I ran out of yarn and need to order another skein to top off the top.  

But other than those two bits, there is an awful lot of this sitting around my house:

In the short time I've been knitting--just two years this Fall, really--I've gotten so much quicker.  My first hat took me three weeks, I knocked the one above out in three days.  However, while my fingers have gotten faster, my ambitions have gotten bigger too.  Sweaters and blankets and shawls (i.e. big things) just take more time, and often a little patience too...whatever that may be!

In the end though, I did get this little vest done.  (Pattern and yarn.)  It's for a wee lad (not mine) who will be making his appearance in November.  And I love those little cabled owls!