Fall Happies

IMG_2927 The first batch of chicken and noodles.  I actually rarely make homemade noodles.  You really do have to let them dry for a day for them to cook right, and I can't always plan that far in advance.  But for the very first batch of the season, I made it work.  It was worth it!

Noodles Some of our first official baby presents, beautifully sewn by Nice Cousin.  And that thing on the right?  It's called a taggie.  It crinkles when you touch it.  I had to hide it so that Sweet Husband and I don't wear out the crinkle before the baby gets a chance to play with it.

IMG_2621 My little paper aviary.  I made these paper cranes about a month ago for a project, but then had to stop and think how exactly I wanted to go about the next step.  In the meantime, they're just hanging out making me smile.