Counting Eggs

I always liked the logic puzzles my grade school teachers would have us do.  You know, "Sue and Jane can't sit next to each other, but the person who likes lasagna is to the left of the person who likes Brussels sprouts," and so on.  Although I enjoyed them, I never saw much practical application for logic puzzles--until the chickens started laying eggs.

But through our brilliant deductive powers, I believe we have resolved:

IMG_2944This is an Ingrid egg.  I am 99% certain of this.  Her breed (she's a Maran) lays chocolate colored eggs.  Further, she was an early bloomer, getting her plump bottom before the other girls, and these were our first eggs.

IMG_2945This is a Tori egg.  I am 100% certain of this, because last Saturday afternoon we watched her lay it.  (Well, I didn't see it physically come out, but when she went into the nest box there was no egg and when she came out there was an egg, so....)

This is neither a Tori, nor an Ingrid egg.  It's not dark enough to be a Ingrid egg.  I would suspect an odd Tori variant, but there was another definite Tori egg laid on the same day.  Based on the speckles and size, I believe it to be a duck egg.  Both Tori and Ingrid started out laying smallish eggs and got progressively bigger.  If this was Alanis the Chicken's first attempt, I would expect it to be small, but it's actually bigger than even Ingrid and Tori's more mature eggs.

Based on the color--brown, not blue--I suspect it's not Macy (the blue runner, who has a high chance of laying blue eggs).  Between Kaki and Ella, based on the plumpness of their respective egg laying parts, I believe this is a Kaki egg.  However, I will await further confirmation before declaring that with any certainty.

Logic puzzles aside, even with only two girls steadily laying, we're getting plenty of eggs.  The September count:

Ingrid: 17

Tori:  11

Kaki?:  1

TOTAL: 29 beautiful eggs!