I Like Big Yarn and I Cannot Lie

I have discovered the remedy to my can't-finish-a-knitted-goody-itis.  Really fat yarn.

And I have piles of it.  I mentioned a bit ago that a co-worker left a pile of wool on my desk one day.  It was actually in the form of a half-finished sweater that I could tell was going to be too bulky for me, so I unwound it and began searching for a new pattern that would suit.

I tried this little bolero first, and, indeed, was almost finished with it when I slipped it on.  Again, too bulky.  I have to think there are some ladies out there who could have worn it beautifully--there was certainly nothing wrong with the pattern--but with my wide shoulders, nope!  And while frogging an entire sweater was a bit painful, I was consoled by the fact that it only took one mini-series worth of knitting to complete in the first place.

But what was this yarn meant to be?

I had stashed it away and gone on to other things, when my new copy of More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts arrived a few weeks ago.  

There they were--the patterns I didn't even know I needed.   And while you can't see it well, that's three finished projects there below.  (There are two scarves stacked on top of each other.) All told between the little hat and two scarves that's three nights of knitting.  

Two morals to the story:  Super bulky is my new best friend, and a lot of people I love are going to be getting that scarf this winter!