You Can Train a Terrier

I am proud--if a little reluctant--to say we've had some success in teaching the Moe-man not to jump up on the furniture or bed.  While he does still try to sneak up on the bed for snuggles and warmth at four in the morning, he doesn't even try to start there anymore.  And he's definitely getting the idea that he needs to ask permission before getting on the couch with us in the evening. 

In Moe's case, asking permission means doing his best obedience-class-grade sit and peering up at us with wide brown eyes.  If we happen to not be paying attention, this "good dog act" is followed by the mere tiniest of whimpers.  

The whole effect is quite winning, and usually gets him permission to get on the couch as well as some extra lovin'.  As usual, the "training" is going two ways!