Fall Garden Bits

Our house has a gnat problem.  They come in huge swarms in the Fall, and bask in the sun on our doors and windows.  I wouldn't begrudge them their moment in the sun, however anytime you open a door they take it as an invitation to c'mon in and make themselves at home on my pretty, white curtains.  And being forced to choose between holding your breath and swallowing gnats as you walk in and out gets tedious very quickly.

Although we're searching for other solutions--creating less hospitable breeding conditions by cleaning up overgrowth in the yard and making sure the gutters stay squeaky clean--for last weekend, the answer was a whole lotta bug spray and a vacuum cleaner.  Hence, I had to find another place to hang out Saturday morning while the house de-fumed.  

And it was such a hardship, let me tell you what!  While Sweet Husband battled the evil gnat swarms tooth-and-nail and did s'more painting (more about that later), I spent a gorgeous Fall morning playing in the garden.

Four of my biggest and best garlic bulbs were divided into cloves and planted in a loamy chicken-prepared bed.  Soon, I'll cover the bed with straw mulch to insulate the little guys over the winter, and that will be all the care the garlic will need until I dig it up in early July.  (Seriously, garlic=easiest plant ever.)

And our very first real crop of homemade compost was spread on the garden beds to get them ready for next Spring.  

The ladies were super excited about that last part, as the compost was about actually only two-thirds compost, and one- third earthworms and rolly-pollies.  Several days later, they're still going crazy out there, which is awesome from my perspective--they're working in that compost better than I could with days of fiddling.  And now that--as of Friday--all six ladies are egg layin' women, the extra protein and goodies can't be bad for them either.