Spreadin' the Warm

All I want to do is sit and knit.  It's, like, a craving almost.  Anytime spent not knitting feels wasted.

And I want to knit small things, quick things.  A sweater feels insurmountable, but a little pair of mitts or a hat that I can work up in an evening?  Such a nice buzz of having accomplished something.  (Plus, these little guys are always so good to keep around--you never know when you're going to need a small gift or a little tangible "thank you".)  

My progress....


A lacy pair of handwarmers for a friend.  (Info.)

Another pair of "Mrs. Johnson's" armwarmers made in chunky Malabrigo Gruesa.  (Info.)  Malabrigo is my new favorite yarn in the whole world.  This is a little sad because our local yarn store does not carry it, but this stuff was so delightful that I will gladly pay shipping if they will only send me more.

A little early Christmas knitting for Cutie Niece.  (Info.)  It's a little tight on me here, so I hope it will fit her smaller head perfectly.

And my very first attempt at toy making.  (Info.)  The pattern is called "Henri" and I've been having the most wonderful time introducing him as the "Wee Henri" in my best fake French accent.  I wasn't sure about sewing him together, but eventually all his bits were attached beautifully.