Home Improvement, Porch Edition

A little over a month ago, Sweet Husband and I decided to make a weekend project out of cleaning and re-painting our front and back porches.

This is how many home improvement projects begin--with underestimations of the time requirements--but in this case it was a bit severe.  The first setbacks were some minor injuries.  Then we discovered boards that needed patched and replaced.  Then we discovered that perhaps the underlying structure was not what it should be.  

Add all that to the fact that Sweet Husband was doing a good 80% of the work himself--between the clumsy and the exhausted and the avoiding paint fumes I'm about as much help as a seven year old--and our "weekend" project ended up spanning a month.  

(As a brief aside, friends who come help scrape paint are awesome; friends who bring gigantic pumpkin pies with them to help scrape paint are truly made of gold.)

But, at last, at least the front porch is finished.  (The back is all painted, but we may be giving up on rescreening it until Spring--we'll see.)  And I'm so pleased with it, that I just had to get it all decked out for Fall.



Much, much better!