Luffa Gourd Experiment = Success

Earlier this year I planted some luffa gourds as an experiment.  Luffa gourds generally require a longer growing season than we have, so planting them in the ground as seeds in late March (rather than starting them early under a heat lamp in February) could have been a bit dicey.  I was afraid we'd get a killing frost before the gourds could fully ripen.

These were planted on or about March 30th.  I've picked a few already--mostly to try and judge how "done" they were inside--with good results, but I let the bulk of the crop hang out on the vines until this past weekend.   I'm going to let these sit for awhile before I start peeling them, but even the early ones had nice flesh inside.  

In addition to using them ourselves, the plan is to involve these spongies in some super secret Christmas presents.  Also, we're going to have all kinds of seeds for next year.  I'm going to call this experiment a success!