I'm a Chicken Hugger

The other day one of my Nice Co-Workers commented that she would like to hug my ducks.  

Alas, the ducks are not so huggable.  They're intensely curious about us and they have a lot of personality, but they don't like to be touched.  On the few occasions I've forced my affections on them, I've gotten a face full of flapping wings and have very quickly let go.

The chickens, on the other hand, are another matter entirely.  It's become one of the highlights of my day to come home to them every night.  I open the gate, and no matter where they are in the yard, all three of them run straight for me.  Although Alanis is still a little flighty, even she will then crouch down for a few pets.  Tori is so tame that she'll hop up in my lap if I sit down, and Ingrid is somewhere between the two.  (Oh, and the only bigger ham in the house than Tori is the Wee Welshman!)Fall

One afternoon not long ago, I was sitting outside knitting and Tori and Ingrid just hopped up on the chair next to me and started preening themselves.  I hadn't ever really thought of chickens being pretty before, but now that my girls are all fluffy and feathered with their bright red combs....not a bad looking pair of birds, yes?