Road Trip!

We took a little road trip to Dallas this weekend.  Our two-purpose mission?

Number 1:  To meet this small cousin (previously mentioned as Mr. #4), who has been in the world a disgracefully long time without having made our acquaintance.  (As in, it's disgraceful that we haven't made it to see him in six months!)

Number 2:  To visit the local IKEA, where we went on a massive shopping spree of Swedish designed baby goods.

IMG_3994Bonus:  A Halloween party, to which Nice Cousin's Hubby and Sweet Husband went as a famous Saturday Night Live pair (Hint: They're here to PUMP you UP!).  Nice Cousin and I went as audience members.  

(There was also some yarn purchasing and about sixteen hours of car-knitting done along the way, but more about that later!)

All in all it was missions accomplished and a very nice time had!