Our Egg Bowl Overfloweth

The October egg count?  Um, a lot.  

We believe all six ladies are possibly laying now.  Macy (the Duck) and Alanis (the Easter Egger Chicken) are laying pretty teal eggs.  Kaki and Ella should both lay white eggs, and we're getting some of those, but not necessarily enough for both of them when compared with how many Macy is laying.  So either, a) Macy is just a kick ass egg layer, b) Ella and Kaki are sluggish layers, or c) Ella and Kaki aren't both laying, it's just one or the other.  The mystery of it all is thrilling!

At almost 90 eggs for October, we're also at the point of being able to give some away, which I love.  While more strict etiquette hounds may differ, I think a half-dozen multi-colored eggs are the perfect little hostess gift, surprise for your co-workers, etc.

The tally this month....

                                            Ingrid:  20

                                            Tori:  23

                                            Alanis:  11

                                            Macy:  15

                                            Kaki and Ella:  12

                                            Mystery Eggs:  6

                                            TOTAL:  87