Monster Spray


"But I'm really scared," the Kid pleaded, as we coaxed him into bed one night last week.  I could tell by his eyes that this wasn't mere bedtime stalling.

"What are you scared of?" I took him on my lap.

"There are monsters...." was his sincere reply.

I cursed Monsters, Inc. silently, but didn't laugh.  Sweet Husband says he can't remember ever being afraid of monsters in the dark, but I can.  While I know now, of course, that they weren't real, my fear certainly was.  I remember holding my eyes open until they felt like sandpaper, terrified that something awful would get me if I closed them, even for a few seconds.

But I don't spend hours of my life on Pinterest for nuthin'.  I had an idea.

"What if I made some monster spray, buddy?  That would keep the monsters away."

I wasn't sure if he would buy it, but he nodded his head.  So, while dada read a few books, I headed to our bathroom medicine cabinet.  I quickly rinsed out an old squirt bottle full of vinegar, then started shopping our essential oils.  Lavender and eucalyptus seemed like winners, so I added a few drops of each and filled the bottle with fresh water.

"One fresh bottle of monster spray!"  I declared as I walked back into his room.  "Now where do we need to spray it?"

The Kid pointed to the small crack between the wall and his bed, and I spritzed in that direction.

"All better?" I asked.

"Yeah!" he smiled.

Sweet Husband and I looked at each other over his head, both incredulous that it had actually been that easy.  But more than that, even, I was enraptured with how readily the Kid had believed.  It makes sense, I guess--a magical solution to a pretend problem--but still.  There are a lot of not fun behaviors that have come with him being three, but this imagination of his may just be a fair trade-off.