Gratuitous Fall

I love the day when I finally drive down our street and all the trees are ablaze with color.  I look forward to it all of October.  "Will this be the day?"  And the evening that I step into the backyard and realize that our trees have finally gone all golden--bliss.  This year we're a little late, I think, but at last there's more red and orange and yellow than green.  And all that color against a bright blue, November sky...I don't think a better color scheme has ever been designed, unless it's all that color against a grey sky, which is just as good!

IMG_3895And then, of course, there's the obligatory last trip to the Farmer's Market to get a handful of freshly roasted chestnuts from "Chestnut Charlie" and bid farewell to all our favorite farmers until Spring.  This year I had to grab a couple of unshelled chestnuts too.  They're prickly to handle, but they make such interesting knick-knacks to display.

Of course, there are leaves to be raked, and last garden bits to be finished up too.  The line of demarcation between our front yard (full of leaves) and our spotless neighbor's is a little shameful right now, but my lazy-bone is beating my sense-of-civic-duty-bone.  And the leaves make a pretty carpet anyway, right?  

And the cooler weather means my friends, the squirrels, are back out in full force.  Via my super spy photography techniques--and the fact that the terrier was sleeping--I was able to capture this guy snacking on our front porch pumpkin.