Have You Met My Hot Husband?

I've always been more attracted to personality than appearance.  I know everyone says that, but, really, the gorgeous asshole just doesn't do it for me.  But show me a smart man who makes me laugh, and I go all gushy and weak at the knees.

As such, I can't say that I'd really paid a lot of attention to what Sweet Husband looked like before.  I always thought he was nice looking, don't get me wrong, but his appearance certainly wasn't in the list of top reasons I fell in love with him.  It just wasn't something that it even occurred to me to consider.

But then he started running.  He actually signed up for an exercise research study through the university.  For ten months, he had to work-out in a lab five days a week.  He lost about thirty-five pounds in the study, and by continuing the regimen I imagine it's even more than that now.

Add that to a very sexy hint of gray hair that is developing near his left temple, and all of a sudden I woke up one morning, rolled over, and realized, "Good lord--my husband's kinda hot!"

It riveting, actually.  Like, I get how men sometimes can't help but stare at women now.  He catches me ogling him and asks reproachfully, "What are you staring at?"  

Me: (Quickly darting my eyes down.)  "Um, what are you talking about?  I'm not staring....."  

Him:  (With mock-indignation.)  "I'm not a piece of meat!"  

Ahem.  I take the Fifth.

But the reason I tell this story--other than to brag that this handsome man is about to be the father of my child--is as a lead in to the fact that this weekend Hot Husband and Nice Running BFF's finished a half-marathon.

They all started running in the same exercise study, which slowly worked them up to (in Sweet Husband's case) about five miles a day.  Once the study was over with, they kept it up, increased their distances, and ultimately decided to pick a half-marathon to run this Fall.

IMG_4147I couldn't be prouder of all of them, really, as just from watching I know it's been a lot of work.  Running in the hot.  Running in the cold.  Running when they'd so much rather be sleeping.  Way to go, guys!