I've Got Friends With Skills

Many moons ago, in high school, I had an older friend named Libby.  She graduated a few years before me, and we lost touch.  But--through the power of Facebook--we recently met up again, and it seems as if we have just a bit in common these days--both mamas (or soon-to-be-mama, in my case) of little boys, both attempting to go the earthy-crunchy, but still practical-and-sane parenting route, and I'm sure more besides.  

Via her Facebook feed, she kept touting the wonderfulness of HootHootBaby diapers.  I had pulled these diapers out and played dress-up with the test doll carefully examined these diapers at our local chi-chi baby store, so I asked, "I take it you like these diapers?"  Her response made me giggle, "Like them?  I make them!"  

You can guess what happened next, right?

 Well, of course, I had to order some!  

Most of the suggestions I've read about cloth diapering say to get just a few of lots of different kinds of diapers to see what fits your kiddo the best, so that's what we're doing.  But--while none have been put to the poop test yet--I have to say, these are freaking adorable.

And, best of all, they came personally delivered with a lovely evening of catching up!