Two Tiny Sweaters

I set my limit at two.  Only two knitted sweaters in newborn sizes for the kiddo.

It had to be a hard and fast limit, as it would be easy to get carried away and make fifty.  Because of their size, newborn sweaters are just a little more time consuming than your average stocking cap.  I could probably churn out one or two a week, if I really got with it.  

But, even though he'll be born in Winter, it'll be Spring and Summer oh-so quickly, and he really won't need a dozen tiny wool sweaters.  I'll make many more in one-year sizes for next Winter, of course, but this year I was ruthless.  

Two.  Just two.

One of the two had to be a February Baby Sweater.  This is the second of these I've made, but the first one was lacy enough that I decided to gift it to Nice Co-Worker (expecting a baby girl), rather than keeping it myself.  For the boy, I traded the lace pattern and ribbon for a basic stockinette stitch with sturdy wooden buttons.  And, yes, that is a TON of buttons!  Next time I may follow that part of the pattern a bit less literally.  (Full details.)

For sweater number two, I went with this Wyatt pattern.  It ended up a little on the small size--to be fair to the designer, I knew my gauge was off when I started--but, unless the Wee Man comes out, well, Not-So-Wee, it should fit for the first few months at least.  And after that, as previously mentioned, wool sweaters will become unnecessary anyway, so.  (Details.)