His Nameless Stocking

Stockings are kind of a big deal in my family.  They're made liberally (all our cats and dogs had them, and probably various barnyard animals, as well), but nonetheless, you don't get one unless you're really, truly part of the family.  And--for the people, anyway--they always come with an orange in the toe on Christmas morning.  The orange is very important!

After going our first Christmas without stockings, the second Christmas after Sweet Husband and I were married, I set about making a set for all four of us.  The patterns came from the book Fast, Fun & Easy Christmas Stockings, and I love it that they all match without being "matching".  It's also a running joke that Moe's (very bottom) is the only one that faces the wrong way.  Or, rather, it was....

With the idea that it might be easier to find the time this year than next, a few weeks ago I started a stocking for the babe.  I accidentally made it wrong side facing, just like Moe-moe's--goodness knows what that might portend--and, as another notable point, it's still just a little unfinished--it doesn't have a name.

It doesn't have a name, because we don't have a name picked out.  Plan-aheader that I am, this troubles me somewhat.  I've thought we had the name settled a few times, but we keep changing our minds.  I think we've finally gotten to the point of "we'll name him when we meet him", so his little stocking will have to remain cute-but-nameless for this Christmas.  

Just cross your fingers that I'm not stitching "Baby Boy" at the top of it at this time next year!