And the Holiday Knits Begin

I think it's mostly safe to display these here.  A few are super-secret holiday gifts, but--since the secret is not that they exist, but who will receive them--we'll just keep that part on the down-low, shall we? 

A chunky cabled cowl.  The color of this yarn is called "Zarzamora"--isn't that completely fitting?  (Please excuse my goofy-hair, I was going for "spontaneous and silly", but I fear I may have overdone.)  (Details.)


IMG_4182Yet another couple pairs of Mrs. Johnson's.  The blue ones are a bit longer.  (Details.)  The grey ones are done ribbed-style in some yummy Noro.  (Details.)

A little green bookmark.  It's such an obvious thing--you give someone a book, you make them a bookmark to go with it.  Kinda elevates it from "nice" to "thoughtful".  But I hadn't done it before now.  Silly me!  (Details.)

A pair o' texting mittens.  These were sort of improvised for a co-worker's teenager--she wanted to have her thumbs free for texting, but her finger tips warm--hence, the "texting mitten".  (Details.)