A Christmas Perk

I was really disappointed that we were going to miss the Christmas parade this year, but between putting up a tree and lights of our own, and various and sundry other to-dos, I just couldn't see how we were going to make it happen.  

Our parade is awesome too.  About fifty horse drawn carriages with wagons all decked out in greenery and jingle bells--oh the bells!  Just listening to them all coming up the street together is a little magical...but not this year.

Or so I thought.

I was outside raking leaves, when all of a sudden, coming down the street....

It turns out our street gets used to get the horses and riders from the gathering point to the start of the parade.  I got to watch the whole thing, all from our front porch!

It was completely fabulous!  Next year we're so throwing a party--hot cocoa, eclairs, the works!

Of course, time or no time, I had to duck into the gingerbread festival.  Doesn't that one in the lower right look like it was inspired by Hagrid's Hut?