Thoughts on Home (With More Showering)

It's an odd journey, making a new town into "home".  Our first few years in Lawrence it was definitely not home.  "Home" was the town we both grew up in.  The place we went back to every other weekend.  The place where all our friends and family were.  Our apartment in Lawrence was more of a weekday sleeping place.

But suddenly it seems we've been here seven years, bought a house, put out all sorts of roots by way of friendships and traditions and learning the best places to go for this-and-that...basically all the things that make a place home.

This all hit me a little forcefully this weekend because some friends threw a little baby shower for us.  Such a thing would have been impossible five years ago--or, at least, a party of a half-dozen people at most.  But again, it seems, almost without realizing it was happening, we've made a whole little world up here.  Our living room was packed to the gills.

And the kiddo?  Well, he may eventually lack for something in life, but for at least his first year I can't think of what it could be.  It may be that I am underestimating how much bodily fluid one baby can produce, but it feels like we have enough outfits and diapers and blankets and toys and books for at least a set of twins...which, based on the way my ribs are getting kicked these days may be a possibility!  

(Kidding!  I saw the sonogram, and there is definitely only one baby in there--thank goodness!)

But it's nice to know that--in addition to being loved by his family and all set in worldly goods--our small fella will have such a lovely group of honorary aunties and uncles to love him too!