Holiday Makings: I'm So Green, I Recycle Christmas Recipes


Some people might call it a rut, but I'm calling it tradition.

Basically, I've hit a comfy point with our Christmas sweet-making.  In general, and particularly this year, I've found I don't feel like branching out to new feats of confectionery wonderment at the holidays--just our family classics, please-and-thank-you.

And again, last weekend I was fortunate enough to have an eager, almost-thirteen-year-old (Sweet Sister) around to help with the heavy lifting.  She and Sweet Husband did the standing parts, I did the sitting parts, and between the lot of us we got a batch of Christmas goody plates ready for delivery and made enough peanut butter balls to keep us stockpiled through the new year.

Here are the recipes:

     Orange Shortbread Cookies

     Peanut Butter Balls

     Candied Orange Peels