Moe Speaks: Strange and Nice Happenings


First, and perhaps most concerning, all this funny stuff keeps showing up at our house.  My room is completely full of it--small clothes that are not made to dog proportions, stuffie toys that I'm not allowed to play with (although, on occasion, I have), a strange contraption that looks like a puppy crate without a roof....and then Dad brought home this chair.  

While I fully approve of being given a seat at the human dinner table, something about this one just doesn't smell quite right.  And it doesn't have a hole in the back for my tail to stick through--a very big design flaw!

Then, my Pretty Auntie came to stay with us a few weekends ago.  She and Mom and Dad baked up a storm, but none of it was for me.  And when I tried to investigate better, Mom dropped a scoop of powdered sugar on my tail.  I won't pretend I didn't enjoy cleaning it off, but for a few minutes I was powdered-up like a baby-doughnut-dog and they were all laughing at me.

But then, something good happened.  A package arrived in the mail, just for me!  (Well, mostly for me.  I think Mom may have skimmed a few things off the top as an "opener's fee"--she does have the advantage of having thumbs....)

Every year my Welshie brother-from-another-mother, Fergus, marches in the Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk with a group of other Welshies.  They all walk in the parade together and wear ever-so-manly looking kilts.  (Here's a lovely portrait of Fergus modeling his.)  Mom had promised we could go this year as long as "something impossible" did not intervene, which, of course, it did.  (Somehow it always does when there's mud and fun to be had.)  

But Fergus and his mum were still thinking of us, and whaddya know, they sent me my very own kilt!  Combined with a shave-and-a-haircut, I think it makes me look quite manly!