Did You Catch That Pretty Solstice Lunar Eclipse?

While I can barely hold my eyes open this morning, I'm happy to say that we did--at least a little bit.

I set an alarm for about 1:15 a.m. and scampered outside in my bathrobe and bare feet to see if you could even see the moon.  It had been cloudy earlier, so I wasn't sure what kind of visibility we would have.  It was a teensy bit hazy, but certainly clear enough to see.  After watching the shadow move across the moon's surface until the full moon was down to a thick crescent, I went back inside to warm up a bit.

After a few minutes of knitting by Christmas-tree-light, Sweet Husband sleepily stumbled downstairs and we went back out to see the total eclipse--this time with shoes.  Although it felt like it was just eking along, eventually the last little sliver of silver moon was covered and just a thin, full ring of light glowed out from around the shadow.

We laughed as neighbors down the street--and maybe a few pups too--howled.  (Have I mentioned that I love living in a college town?)  Then it was back to bed ourselves, which Moe had thoughtfully kept warm for us.